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      Zhejiang Fengguang Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in the early reform and opening up in 1984, is a professional R & D and production of DR (corrosion-resistant brass) brass pieces and valves of self-export enterprises.
  The company is located in the provincial high-tech park in northern Zhejiang, covers an area of 22 acres, construction area of 22000 square meters, where the town is located in Zhuji North, east of Shaoxing City, north of Hangzhou, the United Nations Development Program pilot town, National development and reform pilot town, small town in Zhejiang Province to cultivate pilot town. There are more than 3,000 manufacturing enterprises, such as copper processing, auto parts, refrigeration, plumbing pipe fittings and so on. It has more than 3,000 manufacturing enterprises and enjoys the reputation of "the first market of capital market". It has first-class manufacturing industry and unique entrepreneurial innovation environment.
  Companies focus on the field of HVAC pipe fittings and valves manufacturing, product line covers brass fittings, valves, copper pipe fittings, PB, PEX pipe fittings and so on. In the strict implementation of ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system, AS3688,3718 Australian quality standard system on the basis of management system, Feng Guangren excellence, the best-selling products in major provinces and cities in the region, and exported to Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Japan, The United States, the European Union and other international markets, world-renowned.
  Under the guidance of the world's global strategy, Feng Guang Hardware will continue to be based on the "quality-oriented, reputation first" business philosophy,
"standardized management to promote quality,
super-conscious service to take customers" for
the " Quality policy, "pioneering, innovative,
pragmatic and efficient" for the spirit of enterprise,
sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad throughout
the inquiry, to achieve win-win development.
  Add:Diankou Industrial developing zone of Zhuji City, Zhejiang
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